Welcome to my website! I hope you’ve had a good look around and like what you see. This new endeavour of mine has been months in the planning and I’m now looking forward to what will hopefully be the start of a busy and exciting time.

I thought I’d write a little background on how this idea all came about. I have a small studio attached to my home from where I make and sell my work. Although, this hasn’t always been the case as I began in a tiny shed at the bottom of our garden in our first house.

More recently, when I had my son, my attention was diverted wholeheartedly into childrearing. Through having my son however, I discovered, as many mums do I’m sure, that I loved being around children. They are enthusiastic, positive and bursting with energy.

When my son began school and I suddenly had some time on my hands, I wanted to bring those two wonderful things together: Clay and young children and so Clay Kids was born.

There is just something about getting your hands covered with mud that kids can’t resist! Clay is a great medium for learning about texture and form, and its possibilities are endless.