What happens in an adult pottery workshop?

Having recently started teaching adult pottery workshops, it has come to my attention that there are many people out there who are very keen to do one, but are reluctant as they feel they are not creative or arty enough. I find it sad that so many adults carry such negativity, “I’m rubbish at maths, I’m not athletic, I’m awful at cooking……”. Our kids pick up on this negativity and so we pass this on. We don’t want to hear our kids saying these things so why do we say them? Ideally, we would like our children to try many things, and so should we. Sure, as adults we already know where our strengths and weaknesses lie, but you don’t get good at something overnight especially if you’ve never tried it before so we have to try, try and try again and if our kids see us try something we feel uncomfortable with, they will be empowered to follow suit and you never know what you may discover on that journey. All you need is a willingness.

Which brings me back to the pottery classes. Each three-week pottery workshop concentrates on a different pottery technique – all hand building. In the first week I guide the students through a technique by creating a project together. I will then give inspiration and ideas of how to personalise that project. By the end of the first lesson the student has learnt a new skill set and created a unique piece of pottery. When they return the following week, I will provide guidance as to what can be made next using the skills they have learnt the previous week. It is then up to the student to make something appropriate to them – perhaps they want to make a gift for someone or something unique for their own homes. There is no need to invest in any pottery tools either as everything you need is in the studio for your use, including an apron – there’s even tea and coffee!

Week three is all about the painting. Everything that’s been made will have been fired, so ‘cooked’ in the kiln to 1000 degrees Celsius which means it’s a little more robust and snowy white – a blank canvas on which to make your mark. I don’t have many glazes in the studio as it’s a small space so instead I provide a variety of colours to paint, sponge or splatter with, much like a ceramic painting shop and, once its painted, a clear glaze is applied before I fire it again. Once its been fired for a second time, you’re welcome to come and collect your unique and very personal creations.

Creations from the January adult workshop

One other thing worth mentioning is the environment. It’s a small studio, so a maximum of 6 students can be accommodated at any one time which creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will find a lovely bunch of people gathered around a table, beavering away and lots of chatter. My students always leave happier and calmer than when they arrived, having enjoyed a couple of hours of ‘me-time’ which I think is fair to say, we all deserve a little of.

I run two adult workshops a week, one being a Monday daytime and the other an evening class on a Wednesday. Times, dates and prices can all be found on the website, just e-mail me to book or ask any questions you may have. I do hope that’s helped to visualise what my workshops are all about.